“Great job with the website, Tony!  It’s easy to follow and with the great pictures and information you provide about the Show as well as the city of Louisville, everyone will want to attend the 2013 Louisville Show.”


– Betty Whitaker, Executive Director, KMHI and member of the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation, parent body of the Louisville MH Trade Show (see their new website by clicking here).


The Internet is Now and Constantly Evolving

Owner/operators of manufactured home land lease communities want to attract more customers with cash or good credit. There are proven ways to make that happen. One key way is by starting with a solid online web/marketing strategy.

Have you stopped to think about how much a poor or non-existent internet presence may cost your company?

Today, the NAR reports that 94% of home shoppers are looking online before they make their purchase. Having the right website, online marketing strategy and first impression are critical!

The average person may spend as little as 5 seconds on a website before they decide to spend more time or move onto another website. That means you have to make a good first impression, or you may never see that prospect again.

Consider the fact that one sale can more than pay for a good website, with everything that happens after that sale boosting your bottom line. The right website for your company is one of the most important marketing things you can do that will fill vacant homes and sites.

Planning Ahead

JD Powers reveals in a study that many buyers with cash or good credit are planning and shopping 6-12 months in advance of making their purchase – and in many cases – before even making their initial visit, email or phone call!

Clearly, it important to have a web designer who knows the manufactured housing market. You must have a strategy that brings people back to your website more than once.

But stop and think. If your website never changes, if you aren't routinely adding content that your target market finds of interest, why should they visit more than once?

In any Business to Consumer (B2C) outreach, among your considerations are the following elements:

  • Blogging and Content Marketing. You have to routinely offer content and items of interest that make you the expert in your market and that make your prospects want to come back again.

  • Email marketing. Are you capturing and following up on your consumer visitors emails? Are there times you don't want to do email capture and follow up?

  • Social Networking. Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and other social networking outreaches are proven ways to get and people connected to you. We can show you how to make this supercharge your web-marketing as part of a larger marketing/sales plan for your manufactured home community.

The Internet is Your Web Gallery

Some companies show you a few websites and say, here, pick from these.  We are different.  We provide you with the widest possible options. Chances are, you have a website style that you already like.  Show us what you have in mind on some other websites sites. Chances are, we can do that for you.

We know manufactured housing AND internet marketing!  Don't waste your hard earned website dollars with a company that doesn't understand your business or our Industry.   Our WebTech/IT pros stay up to date..  We have proven strategies that help you dominate your local market. 

You can call or email L. A. “Tony” Kovach at the contact number below to get started. Our work is confidential, unless we mutually agree otherwise. Tony or one of the MHC-MD team's IT/Webtech pros will give you an initial evaluation at no charge. ##

“Tony, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work you put into preparing our “new Louisville Show website.”  Before the project began, I had no idea about what was involved in making something like this happen.  Your work was careful, thoughtful and much more than what we ever expected.  The new Louisville Show website looks great and I know that it will be very beneficial to our continued growth.  I would recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a professional approach in putting together a website that can speak to our industry “

– Dennis J. Hill (r), Show Coordinator, Louisville Manufactured Housing Show (see link here if you missed it at the top of the page).


“Tony is always composed and ready to forge ahead. He is a trail-blazer who stops at nothing to get the job done. He is creative, forward thinking, resourceful and works round-the-clock!”


– Moira Sullivan, Executive Assistant to CEO of CFR (an MHC portfolio operator web, marketing and PR projects client).



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