Studies have shown that social networking recommendations are viewed about 5 times more favorably than traditional advertising! This doesn't mean that McDonalds, Hilton or Manufactured Housing corporations stop advertising; what it does mean is that using social media is a strong compliment to your traditional marketing.

If your ads caught someone's attention, some will then turn to social media to see what comments are being made by others. If they see favorable comments, prospects are more likely to take the next step as a result.

Let's show an example. In our case, as a business to business (B2B) professional resource, we are active on LinkedIn for social media. On 11.15.2013 at 10:51 AM Eastern, here were the latest endorsements via LinkedIn that our services received from clients and/or readers on or

Actual Example of Social Media “Endorsements” via Linkedin

The social media lesson? Connect with your clients on social media! Give them good service and they in turn will thank you publicly, as the over 500 endorsements you see above have publicly thanked us for our services, leadership, etc..

The other professional take-away? If you need marketing, sales coaching or training, call us or email for results 863-213-4090 or or ##