“Tony is always composed and ready to forge ahead. He is a trail-blazer who stops at nothing to get the job done. He is creative, forward thinking, resourceful and works round-the-clock!”



– Moira Sullivan, Executive Assistant to CEO of CFR MHC's (a web, marketing and PR projects client).




L. A. “Tony” Kovach was named to the Madison and Cambridge “Who's Who.” He has won awards and set records for a number of companies, as well as having a high (retail – home buyer) Customer Satisfaction Rating and awards. Tony has dozens of recommendations, endorsements and letters of reference. A sampling follows below.

Madison and Cambridge “Who's Who.”

“Tony has been a pleasure to work with. He has a sharp attention to detail. His advertising has helped the company receive countless prospects. Keep up the good work!”


– Heather Vela, Sunset Village MHC.



Your presentation, your knowledge and your enthusiasm was very much appreciated. Your presence definitely contributed to the success of our convention.”

– Oscar Power, Texas MHA Board, Lubbock TX

Facts and Quotes from MobileWealth Seminar  attendees (course for seasoned and new MHC owners):

  • 98.33% overall approval rating by attendees.
  • Tony is off the chart! Mr. Enthusiasm! His message of building a sense of community and the dividends that pays was worth the entire course. Great information that can be practically applied.”
  • “What can I say? Tony is one of a kind, a joy to be around.”
  • Brilliant. Homes, amenities, activities – so much genuine caring for all of us & such a love for the Industry. Field trip was so fun!!!”
  • Excellent! Informative, Funny, passionate.”
  • Tony the Tiger is great, an inspiration and such a great presenter.”
  • “Energetic!”
  • So full of energy – Enthusiastic, passionate, such a fine man. When I grow up, I want to be just like Tony.”
  • Personality off the scale – Information extremely useful and simple to apply.”
  • I want a Tony for myself!”

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“Now, for anyone who may read my recommendation that does not know Tony, I hope you are afforded that privilege at some point in your career. When you do, you will find an individual who attacks his life and work with more passion and commitment than anyone I've ever met. If there is a problem, he doesn't find a band aide, he finds a cure.  “


– Greg McClanahan, CEO, Lifestyle Homes SW.


“Introducing Tony and what he has done for our firm with his marketing could be summed up with a single word: “Impressive!”…Tony's efforts resulted in a documented increase from some 2 new inbound calls a day before he started to over 10,000 new inbound lead calls in a single year at that same location. No others…in our market had such a result…Tony accomplished this with the marketing budgets he inherited.”



– Sherry Saxon, then Senior VP of MHC portfolio operator.


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(When quotes are abbreviated – as when you see … – the full quote or letter is normally available on LinkedIn, or in the email or letter of reference the person provided, available on request. All quotes were provided by and with the permission of the person named.)