“I have had the opportunity to work with literally hundreds of small businesses throughout both the US and Canada. During my career as a consultant, I have thusly had the opportunity to work with tens of thousands of professionals. Reflecting on a past meeting, without hesitation, I can say that in my entire career I have never met an individual quite like Tony "the Tiger" Kovach…

“Take a (MHC) project he completed in Texas. According to the records I reviewed, the company was averaging less than three home sales/site leases a month over the last 4 years. With the help of Tony's expertise, during the week between Christmas and New Year's, they blew out their remaining inventory in roughly 10 days. Tony helped conservatively increase sales by over 500%.”


– Jim Talerico, Dallas TX based business consultant, has been featured in business TV and print media interviews and articles, as well as being a LinkedIn “Lion” with over 26,000 Twitter followers.


Sales Professionalism

Tony Kovach's friend and colleague Tim Connor asks a compelling question, “Do you know how much your lost sales are costing you?”

Tim also says: “If you think education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.”  How true!  Every lost sale can cost your firm thousands of dollars.  Most companies lose multiple sales every month, which makes the investment in training a no-brainer.

We should note that Tim Connor has decades of experience in manufactured housing and other training programs to companies and organizations large and small (example: Fairmont Homes and Radio Shack) in 23 countries around the world. He is the author of Soft Sell, one of the best selling sales books of all time, with over a million copies in print.

MHC-MD recommends a synergistic approach to selling in land-lease communities where marketing and sales work hand in glove with each other. Tony, Tim and others are available to provide viritual or onsite training that can boost your bottom line results. They can “train-the-managers” and/or provide training directly to your sales or leasing staff.

Results matter. L. A. “Tony” Kovach personally consults with team leaders to make sure that concept buy-in takes place before someone in his team is hired. Tony has said 'thanks but no thanks' to projects where he felt the buy-in was missing or some other element needed for success was not available.

Tony applies this simple philosophy. ”A deal is only a good deal when everyone involved benefits.” That is how long term, sustained results and relationship happen. So it is no surprise that Tony's work routinely resulted in records for most companies where he has preformed his services. 

“All success is team success. When everyone on the team buys in and applies themselves the odds for success skyrocket.”


-L. A. “Tony” Kovach



All work at MHC-MD is done in confidence, unless we mutually agree to release specific information or results. MHC-MD's services don't 'cost,' they are proven solid ROI (Return on Investment) that pay off through:

  • more calls and qualified prospects
  • more sales,
  • higher margins,
  • fewer delinquencies
  • more client referrals and more.

Call or email Tony to set up a confidential consultation. Share your facts candidly, so he can tell you what options are available in a scenario like yours.

Note that Tony had his own independent sales center that hit the top 1% in the nation in sales before he profitably sold it and later turned to providing consulting and services for manufactured home communities which needed infill, marketing, sales and management services. Tony understands the business having performed various key levels. ##

“Some investors…may be hesitant to get directly involved with in-community home sales and financing programs. If you are one of them, consider contacting Tony Kovach.”


– Eddie Hicks, CRG



“Tony was a very insightful individual with his task in front of him. With mobile home communities he understood the importance of understanding management relationships with home owners and involvement with the local community on several levels for the benefit of the mobile home community… His success was noticeable by outside leaders who deemed his community a good place to live.” 

– Jerry Clark, worked with Tony Kovach, now retired from sales, ADG/Home Source One. While working with Tony, Clark's sales rose dramatically and set company records, with an average of some 60 closed sales a year.

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(When quotes are abbreviated – as when you see … – the full quote or letter is normally available on LinkedIn, or in the email or letter of reference the person provided, available on request.   All quotes were provided by and with the permission of the person named.)