“Follow and Read Tony's insights. His research will keep you informed and you will keep CURRENT with this ever changing industry.”

– Steve Reyenga, VP Sales, Palm Harbor Homes

Research, Reports and Writing

When it comes to the 3Rs of Research, Reports and wRiting in the manufactured housing industry and communities world, look no further than MHC-MD.com. MHC-MD.com is a sister company to industry-leading trade publisher MHProNews.com. It only took 90 days after the launch of MHProNews.com to become the most read trade publisher, passing companies that had 20 and 30 years head start.

donna-andrew-credit-flickrcc-posted-mhc-md.comThat fast rise to the top fact speaks volumes. It demonstrates both quality content and marketing savvy.

Today, MHProNews.com has more business to business traffic and readers in manufactured housing than all other national trade publishers combined. Dozens of articles are focused on manufactured home communities, with many more on legal, marketing, sales and management topics.

This type of industry leadership in quality content delivery makes MHC-MD.com the easy choice for research, reports and copy writing. 

“Working in the capacity of a reporter at MHProNews.com, I have found Tony to be an engaging writer, a patient teacher and perhaps most importantly an inspiring manager. Dedicated to a quality product, Kovach continually reaches beyond the work at hand and seeks to create positive change in the industry and its practices.” *

– Eric Miller




“I've worked with Tony on articles for MHProNews.com and have found his insight and editorial advice very credible. He has also done a great job assembling a team of both staff and contributing writers for the MHProNews.com website. Tony is very connected in the industry and this is evident in the diverse amount of material available at MHProNews.com . His leadership and passion for the manufactured housing industry remains an inspiration during very difficult economic times.” *

– Shawn Mullins, then with Cavco Industries



“Tony is a joy to work with and for. As chief editor of the news and podcast crew at MHProNews.com, not only does Tony deliver professional, well researched and timely communications and updates that keep our fast and furious process flowing, he can also be relied on to rally the crew with inspiring and positive feedback and thanks. Tony is an amazing ambassador for the manufactured housing industry and the industry focused resources that MHProNews.com offer.” *

– Erin Patla



One call or email can start it all. Tell us your research, copy or content writing needs. ##

“Tony Kovach is one of the most amazing men I have known – creative, witty, shrewd, intelligent, analytical, passionately dedicated to the manufactured housing industry and to the teamwork necessary to achieve results. A man driven by a vision who never stops, who lets nothing stop him because he thinks outside the box and has a handful of alternate options ready to apply. A committed ally who believes in win-win-win, who criticizes without faulting or blaming, builds confidence and trust, and generously praises work well done. Tony is an excellent teacher, guide and coach, who makes the impossible seem possible and realizable. Thanks, Tony, for a thrilling ride on the MHMSM.com (aka MHProNews.com) bus!”*

– Catherine Frenzel, retired as associate editor, MHProNews.com



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