”At one of those locations, I met Mr. Kovach. It was evident that he was the catalyst for all that was right about those properties…I was immediately impressed by his fresh and insightful approach to marketing. By promoting the lifestyle of his properties, Tony had increased interest among prospective residents and built public awareness.”

– B. J. Krol, MarketIngenuity, whose firm was paid to do an independent third party study of the results of Tony Kovach's work in turning around sales and collections in vacancy plagued manufactured home communities.


Obtaining Positive Media Coverage for Companies and Clients

In a separate message, B. J. Krol wrote, that L. A. "Tony" Kovach's approach was "light years ahead"  of others whose work he had professional observed and reviewed. You can download the entire BJ Krol letter the above paragraph is quoted from at this link. You can request a copy of his full report by phone or email.

What Mr. Krol's letter doesn't report may be of more interest to community owner/operators. Sales rose on new and used manufactured homes. Cash sales rose. Good credit sales rose. Delinquencies declined and collections improved. Plus the price – and thus margins – on homes rose as well.

Pictures – and examples – are worth a thousand words. Tony has obtained literally dozens of articles for clients from border to border in local and regional media, as well as in national trade magazines.

The top article in the example above is from a Chicago SunTimes NewsGroup weekend publication. It lit up the phones at the community's sales office, with 111 calls recorded from this one story the weekend the story hit the paper. It was part of a larger marketing effort that resulted in 75 closed contracts – of mostly new but also pre-owned homes – in 90 days.

The second article was inMoxie Magazine, a boomers focused regional publication in another state for a different company.

Both of these where just some of dozens examples of positive media coverage of the 'lifestyle' campaign that Tony Kovach has successfully promoted for land lease communities from border to border.

These examples demonstrate that PR and marketing like this produce results.

Note that all of the results described on this page that lead up to the positive media was accomplished within the respective budgets provided by each company.

You can find other examples at this link, or contact Tony at the phone number or email below to learn more. ##

”Tony turned a mobile home park into a subdivision. He changed perceptions, realities, and actualities by instituting revolutionary changes in appearances, resources and services provided to both prospective buyers and existing customers. Tony changed the image by changing the reality of the mobile home park experience. Sales soared while vacancies dwindled to next to nothing. I give him my highest recommendation.”


– Joe Diedrich, Marketing and Advertising Consultant, JCP Group, worked with L. A. “Tony” Kovach at ADG/Home Source One.


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(When quotes areabbreviated – as when you see … – the full quote or letter is normally available on LinkedIn, or in the email or letter of reference the person provided, available on request. All quotes were provided by and with the permission of the person named.)