"Tony is a very talented marketing guru!  Hardworking, dedicated and can get the "free" publicity that's better than paid promotion/advertising.  Honest, high integrity and gets results”

– Ken Giljack, then president, Hi-Tech Housing.


Public Relations (PR) and Media

mobile-wealth-article-manufactured-home-merchandiser-magazine-posted-mhc-md.com-At COB (close of business) time daily, it is all about bottom line results.  Has someone done or accomplished what they claim or are supposed to do? Every business owner or manager worth their salt would want good, positive publicity for their business.  'Free ink' is – as Ken Giljack said above – worth more than paid advertising. Here are a pair of examples of results obtained for clients from border to border and coast to coast.chicago-sun-times-news-group-mhc-md.com This framed article (left, above) was obtained for a client in Wisconsin.  It was a cover story with a positive featured article in national trade publication. This framed article (right) was prominently displayed in the elegant office of the CEO whose land lease community was featured in a nationally known Chicago area publication.  We also obtained a national trade magazine article for them.  More important, articles like theses were also featured on their websites, where they brought numerous clients in months after it ran in print. We can't do this every time for every client, but we have been successful dozens of times for the companies and clients we have worked with in the land-lease manufactured housing communities world.  Part of this is accomplished by cultivating relationships with the media, as the quote below reveals.  Because we have done this so often before, the odds are good we can do it for you and your company too. More examples of positive media obtained for clients are at this link.  

“Tony excels at marketing manufactured homes and promoting the cause of the manufactured housing industry in general… I heartily recommend Tony Kovach, an expert in manufactured housing marketing!”

– Jack Walsh, SunTimes Media NewsGroup   (When quotes are abbreviated – as when you see … – the full quote or letter is normally available on LinkedIn, or in the email or letter of reference the person provided, available on request.   All quotes were provided by and with the permission of the person named.)