“Tony you are one of the few people I know who have that unique ability to motivate and direct a representative force to endure the drudgery in pursuit of the dream. The plan is one thing, albeit an important one, but it in this business without being able to motivate and manage on the people side of it the best plan in the world will fail. Conversely given that special something even a so so plan can be made to soar. To see the constancy you are producing it is obvious that you have both the plan and that unique something.”

– Raoul Boille, with TSC


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There are many ways to get to know someone. One is through recommendations. Another is through conversation and of course by doing business. You can learn more by attending a live presentations by that professional. Another easy and interesting way to get to know someone is by reading what they have written.

At MHProNews.com there are hundreds of articles on communities, marketing, sales, management and general industry topics by L. A. “Tony” Kovach.  See Featured Articles, Tony's Masthead Blog and Cutting blog. Tim Connor and others are also featured prominently on the site.

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Tony "gets it" when it comes to manufactured housing. He has worked or been involved in almost all phases of the business.”

– Al Cole, Senior VP, Oxford Bank and Trust.