“I have had occasion to work with Tony Kovach a few different times… I have always found Tony to be full on energy, and anxious to work hard improving the image of the MH industry. Best of all, I have always found Tony to be of the highest character – which in my view is most important of all.”


– Scott Jones, Champion Homes, worked with Tony on MHC projects.




Stating the obvious often brings clarity to a topic. Management is about people. Yes as owners or exeuctives, we manage budgets, equipment, inventory, property and other issues, but management is about working with people.

ipad-two-hands-pointing-free-digital-photos-net--posted-mhc-md.com-So the ability to manage and motivate others is in good measure about working with people.

It is easy to pat oneself, the boss or a co-worker on the back. It is entirely different when a third party shares the complements or kudos. As you see the quotes from so many different owners, executives and professionals, a pattern emerges about Tony Kovach and his ability to work successfully with people.

Tony began his manufactured housing career with a strong record in retail sales, management and became an owner.  But where did Tony get so much experience with MHCs?

I've personally been involved in the management of 7 to 17 communities at a time. Marketing, sales, operations, acquisitions have all been areas of my direct involvement. Hiring, training, motivation, budgets, collections, terminations, etc. it is all part of the management scene.

So is finding and dealing with unpleasant realities like fraud, waste or other forms of corruption that cost those companies sizable dollars before I helped identify and root them out. You want to keep things positive, but the reality is that some things aren't positive at all and still have to be dealt with professionally.

What makes it all worthwhile is when you see the resident satisfaction and retention rise, the sales go up, the delinquencies go down and the bottom line move in the right direction.”

– L. A. “Tony” Kovach


Tony Kovach, Tim Connor and others are available to serve MHC-MD Clients. We work with our clients in confidence, so you can tell us your challenges or needs. One of our professionals may be just right to bring you the solutions you need for your unique problem. ##


“Do not hesitate to review your loss reduction ideas with Bill Griswold and Bill Weaver. As in the past, I'm sure you will find us eager to review and implement your ideas. Keep up the good work.”

– Bill Thomas, VP Retail Marketing Services, Foremost Insurance

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