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Video – Carlyle Group’s Mark Beliczky answers the question about Billions In investments Targeting MHCs

In a short video interview with industry consultant and publisher, L. A. “Tony” Kovach, Mark Beliczky explains the enthusiasm for the industry and why billions of dollars in potential investments are targeting MHCommunities today.  

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Manufactured Housing Industry Consultants – Financing – Dick Ernst

We will bring you a periodic updates on Manufactured Housing Consultants. These are professionals who have expertise in various areas. Just as we serve manufactured home communities, retailers, lenders and others in marketing, sales and management services, so too Richard “Dick” Ernst serves the Professional Financing needs […]

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Do You Use and update Your Endorsements, Testimonials and Recommendations?

Studies have shown that social networking recommendations are viewed about 5 times more favorably than traditional advertising! This doesn't mean that McDonalds, Hilton or Manufactured Housing corporations stop advertising; what it does mean is that using social media is a strong compliment to your traditional marketing. If […]

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Do you have a newsletter?  How often do you use it? Are you using it properly?  If you have vacancies, have you wondered if you are using your newsletter properly? 

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